Family Money Management

The best ideas for Family Money Management. Data on family spending, the average family budget, and other useful topics.

Family Spending

family money management

Good money management can save a lot of heartache and contribute significantly to good family life. Understanding how your family spends money is probably the first step in saving money.

Here you will find, free family spending statistics that can help give you ideas of reducing family spending to save money. There is a chart depicting trends in annual expenditures, a table categorizing average expenditures into different spending groups, and more.

Family Vacations on a Budget

family money management

Spending relaxed time with family can be enjoyable and memorable. One of the greatest family vacations ever may be a lot closer than you think.

Planning family vacations on a budget does not mean your family cannot have a great time together. Here you will find a free list of the top ten ways to save money on family vacations.

Average Family Budget

Have you ever wondered what the average family budget is? Use this data to compare to your own family budget.

The table shows 2008 expenditures broken down into categories. This data was taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It can help give you some great ideas of how to handle your own family budget spending.

Family Budget Planner

family money management

The best guidelines for establishing a family budget planner and getting family budgeting to work for you.

Using a budget is as simple as setting goals for income and expenses, keeping track of actual income and expenses, and comparing actual income and expenses with the original goals.

The most important thing to remember when working with a budget is:

  • If expenses are more than income this is BAD.
  • If expenses are less than income this is GOOD.

Free Budget Template

Good family money management includes using a budget and can help stretch that hard earned dollar to the maximum. Use this free budget template to create your own customized budget.

Saving Money on Groceries

The best ideas about saving money on groceries.

Okay, I admit, my wife does most of the grocery shopping in our household...okay almost all of the shopping. Actually except for the occasional stop by and get milk, I think the last time I went grocery shopping was a year ago when our youngest was born.

Having said that, I feel qualified to write this page on saving money on groceries because I am using my wife's input.

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